Although the primary role of the Catholic Church is that of pastoral care and moral guidance for its flock, the Diocese of Rumbek, as one of the only bodies that remained with the people during the many years of war, was forced to assume an additional role of humanitarian aid, as well as signifigant development of infrastructure in the fields of health and education.

In cooperation with various partners, the Diocese has overseen massive construction efforts, developed hospitals, education centers, and pastoral centers, as well as worked extensive with U.N. agencies and non-government organizations to organize and provide care for its people.

During the years of conflict, the diocese would fly planes of relief supplies into the “unreachable” areas in order to rescue its personnel and bring in supplies for the people.

Today, development is overseen by the various department heads. Education development is overseen by its coordinators, and pastoral development is mandated and overseen by the Bishop. Administrative oversight and support for the various projects and initiatives is supplemented by the diocesan Bethany House Administration.

The Diocese of Rumbek works in cooperation with with many agencies, churches, and U.N. organizations in order in order to best care for its flock.

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