In order to manage its massive workload,
the Diocese is divided into four departments:

  • Pastoral
  • Education
  • Health
  • Administration and Logistics


The Diocese of Rumbek’s Church personnel numbers approximately 100 priests, sisters and brothers, of many different nationalities and from 17 different religious congregations, who between them share the vastness of the diocese and its widespread population. The religious personnel, being missionaries, participate actively in the daily lives of the Sudanese people, and their activities include visiting and counseling the sick, prison visits, assistance to the poor, disabled and marginalized, dispute resolution and justice and peace issues, and creation of economic self-support associations for youth, women and other groups.

The financial management, administrative oversight, fund raising and donor reporting responsibilities of the religious personnel’s activities rest with the Pastoral coordinator, who is based at Bethany House in Nairobi and is supported by a departmental accountant. The Bishop’s secretary is also based in Bethany House.


The Diocese of Rumbek has an Education Department whose activities are summarized below:

  • 12 DOR owned and operated primary schools with approximately 20,000 children
  • 8 community primary schools receiving DOR financial support and assistance with approximately 1,600 children
  • 3 DOR owned and operated secondary schools with approximately 270 students ( in Mapuordit, Nyamlell, and Tonj )
  • 1 DOR owned and operated girls’ secondary boarding school with approaching 100 students in Rumbek
  • Supply, in conjunction with partners, of school materials such as text books, exercise books, and provision of school uniforms; facilitation of a World Food Program feeding program supplying a daily meal to the schoolchildren; a scholarship program which has given scholarships to over 65 students to pursue further studies; a mobile team of Kenyan and Sudanese educators providing teaching courses to untrained teachers in the missions; evening classes for adults; maintenance and upgrading of existing school buildings; construction of new schools and buildings.
  • Payment of allowances to 25 full-time Church teaching personnel.


The Diocese of Rumbek has a Health Department which operates autonomously for management, fund raising and operational purposes as an independent organisation known as Arkangelo Ali Association Sudan ( AAA ). AAA was established in 2006 and mandated by DOR to manage its health programmes until 2012. AAA is headquartered in Nairobi and has its own offices in a different compound from DOR’s Bethany House. Within South Sudan AAA carries out its activities in diocesan owned hospitals and medical centres.

AAA runs three tuberculosis hospitals, five tuberculosis / leprosy hospitals, and two general hospitals. The hospitals are also starting to develop HIV / Aids programmes, and one hospital ( Mapuordit ) offers specialized eye care services. In addition to the ten hospitals, AAA carries out primary health care services from medical centers in six missions, and has a further ten medical centers in Yirol West County specifically to provide malarial services in very remote areas.


The Bishop’s seat is based in Rumbek, Sudan, but DOR headquarters remain for the present at Bethany House in Nairobi, Kenya, where the diocese’s core administration, financial and logistics activities are centered. Activities such as procurement, international banking and flight logistics are still most efficiently managed from Nairobi.

The Diocesan Administrator is Jonathan Barsby. He and the Diocesan support and office team can be reached utilizing the contact page. 

Bethany House
The Nairobi headquarters is also the accommodation base for diocesan religious personnel and visiting donors and supporters transiting Nairobi to and from the diocese. Bethany house serves as the retreat and rest house, and houses all of the Nairobi logistics and administration personnel.

Pan Door Accomodation Compound, Rumbek
Pandoor is the diocese’s main accommodation unit in Rumbek for visiting religious personnel from outlying missions and for other visitors to Rumbek who wish to stay there. All Pandoor visitors pay an accommodation fee and it is run as a financially self – sufficient profit centre. Pandoor is frequently hired for workshops, and the compound consists of 18 tukuls, a dining / conference room, ablution blocks and a kitchen.

Rumbek Administration and Logistics
In Rumbek there is a small resident Administration and Logistics team consisting of a field administrator, logistician, driver ( for a Mercedes 4WD 20 ton truck which is used for diocesan business as directed by the Bishop, and also hired out to other organisations to help pay for its maintenance ), a cook and compound watchman.

Bethany House, Danilo Camp and Rumbek logistics compounds are all connected by radio to the diocesan radio network in the missions, so as to maintain good communication for routine diocesan business and emergencies. Radio call-ups are made once a day with all missions on a dedicated frequency. Cell phone coverage is also improving within parts of south Sudan, and Thuraya satellite phones are used in emergency where there is no cell phone signal.