New Diocesan Overview Published

The Diocesan Pastoral Department has published a new overview of the diocese. Download the PDF DOR Overview

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New Diocesan Education Coordinator appointed

With effect from February 1st Mr Moses Kopurot has taken over from Sister Maureen Limer as coordinator of the education department.

Mr. Kapurot has a BSC from Kamapala International University, and before his appointment with DOR was working with the Governmentt of South Sudan as Kajo Keji County Education Director where he was responsible for 44 nursery schools, 84 primary schools, 14 secondary schools, 3 vocational training centres and a teacher training college.

Pastoral letter on Governance, the Common Good, and Democratic Transitions in Africa

SECAM Pastoral Letter Feb. 2013 Released by the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). The letter was launched in Accra (Ghana) by the President of SECAM, Cardinal Polycarp Pengo (Archbishop of Dar-el-Salaam).

Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Rumbek at the beginning of 2012

Rumbek, 1st January, 2012

Feast of Mary Mother of God,

World day of Peace


Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Rumbek at the beginning of 2012

To all the Christians of the Catholic Parishes of:  Rumbek (Holy Family, Ste Teresa, Sc. Heart), Wulu, Mapuordit, Yirol, Bunagok, Agangrial, Tonj, Warrap and Marial-Lou.

 Glory to Jesus the eternal Lord of all times and of all of us!

We have been celebrating the solemn feast of Christmas, rejoicing in the Lord the Emmanuel-God with us, the assurance of our future and our salvation.

I thank you for the extraordinary participation that you showed in Christmas celebrations. It has been a shining manifestation of our faith in the Future of the Lord, while we start a new year of our independent Nation of South Sudan.


Unfortunately these days of feast have been overshadowed by some misunderstandings and violence. We know of bloody confrontations going on in the east of our Country. Here in Rumbek the Director of Radio Good News has been hit by unfounded accusations. Hostility has been shown towards “non Sudanese workers”. All this was a source of concern and suffering, increased by a climate of anonymity preventing to face directly the true individual authors behind all.

I decided to refer these issues to those responsible to deal with them; a) We commend the first tragic happening in the East to the Lord, with our continual prayer for peace in our Nation; b) I am entrusting the second one to the Elders of Rumbek Parish; c) For the third one of “non-Sudanese” the civil Authorities are dealing with it.

The purpose of this request is only collaboration in our Catholic family for a growth of communion and development in South Sudan.


To help understanding in this situation I share with you three considerations: a) Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar…b) We of DOR are still living in an Advent season; c) We are entirely committed to charitable services, to “love in action”.


1. “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God; the Catholic Church has always respected the distinction between the civil authority of the Government and the religious authority of the Church. In our new Nation of South Sudan we have a clear example of this distinction in our Catholic President, who respects the authority of the Church and is highly respected by the Church authorities.

The issue of the “non Sudanese persons” residing and working in our new Nation is a “civil matter” which falls under the authority of “Caesar”, that is under the authority of the State. The civil government is deciding to grant or not the permit of residence and working and is committed to guarantee their security.


2. We Catholic of DOR are now living in a time of Advent-expectation; Immediately after the loss of our beloved Pastor last July, the Holy Father through the Apostolic Nuncio of Khartoum started a large individual and written consultation towards the choice of a new Bishop for Rumbek diocese. Now the outcome of this consultation is in the hands of Pope Benedict XVI, who will appoint the new Bishop of Rumbek. We, according to the tradition of the Catholic Church, are now waiting in faith and prayer the coming of the new Pastor.

The church is not a democracy choosing its authority through popular elections; it expects its authority as a gift of God through the choice of the standing authorities.

We are called to participate in this choice with prayer and suggestions.


3. The Catholic Church is committed to the SERVICES of charity; the Church is the communion of persons who believe in Jesus Christ and act according to his Spirit of love. The Eucharistic celebration is its centre and the source and purpose of everything in the Catholic Church.

To help the Church we are called to improve its love, which is the energy behind te services; the more there is love acting in services, the more there is Church.

The Mission of the DOR cannot exist for business, power, politic, reputation, racism…it only exists to love without discrimination in evangelization, education and heath care.


My appreciation goes to the civil authorities of the Government for their respect and protection of the Church and religious freedom. We are convinced that this is a basic human right.

The building of our new Nation is a demanding task for us all; we are called to grow as one Nation, improving communion among persons and groups living together in S.Sudan. The Catholic Church is exclusively committed to this Mission.


May the Lord of Peace inspire and support our faith and dedication.

Fr. Fernando Colombo, Mccj – Diocesan Administrator – Rumbek Diocese

New Diocesan Website Launched

The Diocese of Rumbek has launched a new website, which will enable it to properly manage the flow of news about the diocese, keep in contact with friends and donors, and educate the world about its works and about South Sudan.

Fr. Fernando Colombo Appointed Diocesan Administrator

In the wake of the death of Bishop Caesar Mazzolari, Fr. Fernando Colombo, mccj, has been appointed diocesan administrator to oversee the diocese.

The Passing of Caesar Mazzolari, mccj, Bishop of Rumbek

Please click the link below to read the communique of the church personnel of the Diocese of Rumbek

DoR Communique On Bishop Mazzolari